04/30/202009: 25 p.m. Author: Drafting Source: El Imparcial

Police officers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are being equipped with a high-tech helmet that could quickly identify people suffering from coronavirus. The helmet was originally designed to find criminals through facial recognition and automatically read car license plates, according to The Telegraph newspaper.

It would now be reused to remotely monitor people who may have COVID-19, measuring their body temperature with thermal imaging cameras up to five meters away, and up to 200 people can be examined in less than two minutes, the “Council said of Happiness and Positivity “official of the UAE Interior Ministry.

The helmets were designed by Kuang-chi technology, based in Shenzhen, China, and are capable of measuring the heat a person emits. When detecting a temperature above the average, it emits an alert to whoever wears the helmet.

Helmets are being used to control people in densely populated areas, including neighborhoods that are isolated by COVID-19. It may interest you: They release 6 thousand 579 prisoners in Cuba, before a COVID-19 pandemic