KC N901 Smart Helmet

Created with decades of ingenuity

First choice for epidemic prevention and control

Advanced Materials and Technologies | High-precision Temperature Measurement

Unaware and Contactless Screening of Fever | Hi-tech Ultimate Experience

Helmet Body

Advance stab-proof materials

with energy-absorbing design and

ultimate weight reduction



115g (0.25 lb)

helmet shell weight


1080g (2.38 lbs)

total weight

Helmet Goggles


Same manufacturing process as helmet goggles for pilots

Advanced photochromic material with multiple protection

All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption

Air-borne Droplets

High-Speed Impact



Water Mist

Infrared Thermal Imaging

High-accuracy quick unaware and contactless

temperature measurement




20℃ (-4℉ ) to120℃ (248℉)





Battery Capacity

In most cases, we can turn off the AR screen with one key to reduce power consumption when there is no target for temperature measurement, and the measured endurance can reach 8 hours. In the continuous temperature measurement mode, the endurance is about 5 hours.

Typical application scenarios

Traffic police bayonet

Non-contact traffic, making you feel at ease when driving home


Avoid cross-infection among doctors and patients, intensify the protection line with innovative technology

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Airport | Rail transit | Bus

Assured to travel by air, by train by bus and resume work

Pedestrian zone in trading area

Line-up free for measurement temperature, neglecting neither operation nor epidemic prevention

Scenic spots and parks

Safe and orderly reopening

Office buildings

Emphasizing implementation of epidemic prevention, avoiding mistiming of work resumption

Nine modes

Single-person temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the single target in the center of the screen will be measured. The maximum temperature of different parts of the body is displayed on the AR module. The temperature above the normal range will trigger an audible and visual alarm.

Large-crowd temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the forehead, collar, arm, and other body parts exposed in the screen will be measured. The system will display the temperature if any part in the screen falls into the preset temperature range. The alarm will trigger when any part of the temperature goes above the threshold value.

QR code mode

Scan the QR code to automatically record personal info into the database in real time, allowing paperless data logging.

QR code & temperature measurement mode

Scan the QR code to acquire the personal information first, and take a temperature measurement of the person within 3s. The personal information and the corresponding temperature will be automatically recorded into database. This will implement paperless registration of the personal information and the corresponding temperature. identification and paperless registration

License plate recognition mode

Recognize the vehicle license plate , identify and alert unregistered vehicles or suspect vehicles recorded in database.

License plate recognition & temperature measurement mode

Besides plate identification mentioned before, the helmet can measure the temperature of the single target in the center of the screen. The maximum temperature of different parts of the body is displayed on the AR module, and the temperature above the normal range will trigger an audible and visual alarm.

Thermographic diagnostic imaging mode

Thermal imaging detection on specific parts of the human body to assist finding the location and size of the lesion areas that cause fever.

Night-vision/Facility inspection mode

Thermal imaging scanning of industrial facilities or establishments of night places, HVAC equipment, pipelines and electronic equipment, to assist finding target with abnormal temperature or searching for unauthorized person.

Face recognition mode

The face of target in the screen is recognized and the personal information will be displayed on the AR display. This mode is applicable for enterprises and institutions to manage their black and white lists of employees and visitors.

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