“Smart” helmets that can monitor the temperature of hundreds of citizens per minute are being used by the police of the United Arab Emirates, as part of efforts to deal with the coronavirus.

According to Reuters, these helmets require less time and less contact than traditional thermometers, and can measure temperatures from a distance of five meters, scanning up to 200 people per minute. If they detect a fever, they sound the alarm.

Chinese KC Wearable reports that it has sold over 1,000 temperature measuring helmets and received orders from the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

“We have deployed the smart helmet during this time of crisis, with the Covid-19, in all police stations in Dubai, as well as in patrol stations on the front line,” police officer Ali al-Ramsi told Reuters.

“In case of someone with a high temperature, we take the necessary measures to stop the person … and then nurses take over and take him to the nearest health facility.

Dubai police use helmets to examine people in densely populated areas, including “sealed” neighborhoods.

The Gulf states have stepped up their tests after recording a growing number of low-income migrant workers in crowded homes.

The UAE has the second highest number of cases in the Gulf countries (over 8,000) and more than 50 deaths.