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7 Sex Jobs That Work Her G-Spot And Clit At The Same Time Frame

7 Sex Jobs That Work Her G-Spot And Clit At The Same Time Frame

When a particular intercourse place seems amazing, it really is safe to assume it’s hitting either her G-spot or clitoris.

Exactly what about roles that—wait because of it—stimulate both hot spots during the exact same time? Yes, those magical unicorn jobs do occur and they are bound to effect a result of an orgasm that is mind-blowing.

It is a buy-one, get-one (BOGO) on her vagina, fundamentally. Prepared for a intercourse fest like hardly any other? Let us blow the mind.


How exactly to take action: You lie on your own straight back you, and you place your legs straight up over his shoulders while he kneels in front of.

You to create a better angle for him to reach your G-spot, suggests Dr Jess O’Reilly, host of the Drive Your Lover Wild webinar series why it works: Make this one hotter by adding a pillow underneath. Then from the outside – that pressure will pull slightly on the hood of your clitoris to create a rhythmic massage there as well as he moves, either of you can press on your lower abdomen to stimulate it.


How exactly to do so: You lie in your straight back you and straddles you while he sits straight up on top of.