Helmet Body

Advance stab-proof materials

with energy-absorbing design and

ultimate weight reduction

115g (0.25 lb)

helmet shell weight

1080g (2.38 lbs)

total weight

Helmet Goggles


Same manufacturing process as helmet goggles for pilots

Advanced photochromic material with multiple protection

All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption

Air-borne Droplets

High-Speed Impact



Water Mist


Advance material technology with

strong signal, low power consumption

and ultra-low radiation

conformal antenna 8-in-1

Specific Absorption Rate

SAR<0.05W/kg(0.023 W/lb)

only 1/20 of mobile

phone radiation

Design of Gravity

Center Balancing

Refer to the balance design of aircraft gravity center

Avoid the formation of cantilever structure in working state,

so as to protect the neck to the greatest extent and

improve wearing comfort

the range of the gravity center

c.g.diagram<5mm (0.197 inch )

Infrared Thermal Imaging

High-accuracy quick unaware and contactless

temperature measurement




–20℃ (-4℉ ) to120℃ (248℉)





AI Capabilities

Support offline face recognition and

license plate recognition

Support QR code identification for

paperless registration

Battery Capacity

In most cases, we can turn off the AR screen with one key to reduce power consumption when there is no target for temperature measurement, and the measured endurance can reach 8 hours. In the continuous temperature measurement mode, the endurance is about 5 hours.


No Communication Limits

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